• How safe is it to rest in the republic?

    Holidays in Dagestan are safe: you can safely come and travel to cities and mountain villages. Here you will feel real Caucasian hospitality: you will be warmly welcomed and deliciously fed, you will be warmly talked to.

  • What to take on vacation?

    We recommend taking a windproof jacket or windbreaker, light trekking pants, a hoodie, a set of ordinary city clothes, a swimsuit / swimming trunks for the sea. From shoes: sneakers.

  • Are there ATMs?

    There are ATMs in Dagestan, and there are not a few of them. You can pay with the card in supermarkets, hotels, shops and other places. But cash during the trip will also be required, you need to take a certain stock with you. Especially if you plan to stay not only in cities, but also in mountain villages or resort towns.