Dagestan Wild Trail trail will be held in Dagestan

A mass race in the mountainous area "Dagestan Wild Trail" will take place in Dagestan on March 18-19. The event will be organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Folk Arts and Crafts of the RD together with the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of the RD. The Dagestan Wild Trail trail is an opportunity to see the real mountain Dagestan in the format of an exciting running trip. The race routes will be laid through gorges, peaks and plateaus with old villages that have preserved the local flavor. This year, four distances have been prepared: 120 km, 65 km, 35 km, 15 km. The place of the finish of all distances will be located in the village of Shamilkala, Untsukul district. The main objectives of the race: popularization of a healthy lifestyle, as well as the development of sports tourism on the territory of the republic. You can register for the race by following the link.

17 February