About Dagestan region

The amazing nature, great history, rich cultural heritage, unique cultural, ethnographic and linguistic diversity of Dagestan have always attracted many archaeologists, ethnographers, travelers from all over the world.


Dagestan occupies a special place in the Russian Federation in terms of the number and significance of cultural heritage objects. There are 6474 objects of cultural heritage (historical and cultural monuments) in the republic, of which 1994 objects of cultural heritage of federal significance and 4514 units of regional significance, including historical and architectural complexes and places of interest. On the territory of Dagestan there is one of the oldest cities of our country – Derbent, with the famous citadel fortress "Naryn-Kala" recognized by UNESCO as a monument of world significance. The legendary trade and caravan route, known in history as the "Great Silk Road", once passed through Derbent.

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However, not only ancient Derbent is interesting and in demand by tourists. The attention of travelers is also attracted by the warm coast of the Caspian Sea, one of the most majestic creations of nature in Russia - the unique Sulak Canyon, the highest sand mountain in Europe - "Sarykum"; the only subtropical liana Samur forest in Russia, the international "mecca" of extreme climbers in Yarydag, the ancient mosque of the IX century. "Kala-Koreish"; ancient battle towers in the villages of Kahib and Goor, Gunib and Akhtyn fortresses of the Caucasian War of the XIX century and much more.

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Today, the Republic of Dagestan is among the most steadily developing regions of Russia. The intensification of the state policy in the field of tourism in the Republic of Dagestan has led to the fact that projects are being implemented at an accelerated pace designed to form a new, modern recreation and recreation center. The tourism infrastructure is being expanded and modernized. In recent years, dozens of modern accommodation facilities have been built and put into operation here – hotels, camp sites, sanatoriums, guest houses. A project is being successfully implemented to create tourist "hubs" along the main routes, including a new branded tourist route "Legends of Dagestan".

It is good to rest and travel in Dagestan at any time of the year. In spring and autumn, summer and winter, lovers of beach holidays and mountain tourism, ethnographers and historians, hunters and fishermen, connoisseurs of delicious and environmentally friendly food tend to come here. We offer all this and much more to our dear guests!

Welcome, hospitality and incredibly vivid impressions are waiting for you in Dagestan!
The most important value of Dagestan is its inhabitants, who today say:

Welcome to the ancient and beautiful Dagestan!